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Navigating the regulatory maze of aviation medicine can seem daunting at the best of times, and even more so when unexpected or complicated illnesses get in the way of fitness for flying.  Organising the appropriate referrals, getting test results, and gathering all the information necessary for certification can be a confusing process.  At Aerospace Medical Services, we‘ve made it our mission to streamline the complex medical certification process so that we can keep aviators flying, and flying safe. How?  Aerospace Medicine is all we do, so we know the ropes.  We can provide guidance in gathering the right information that the regulator will need, and liaise with CASA through the entire process.  If evidence is needed to support safe decisions, we can research the case based on the best medical literature available.

Practical Solutions and Innovation

Unexpected illness can crop up at any time, and leave you on the ground for a while.  Not every doctor has an in-depth working knowledge of the interaction between the flight environment and illness. If advice is needed about the impact of medical conditions on fitness to fly, Aerospace Medical Services can help.  If medications are prescribed by your treating doctor or just bought over-the-counter, how do you know they are safe to use when flying?  Get the expert advice you need.  

CASA regulations state that licence holders must not exercise the privileges of their licence while having a medically significant condition which impairs their ability. Before resuming duties, the licence holder must obtain prior confirmation of fitness from a DAME. Aerospace Medical Services can provide expert assessment of fitness and provide Fitness to Resume Duty certificates to CASA and to employers. 


Aerospace Physiology Education

The cabin environment of modern passenger aircraft can be more challenging than most people realise, especially when illness or injury reduce the body's ability to cope.  Very few passengers think to consult a doctor before embarking on these airborne journies, and as a result, problems can occur.


Aerospace Medical Services can provide timely advice before travel on the impact that long-haul flight can have on the body, and ways that problems can be averted.  We have established good working relationships with many airline medical departments and can provide a useful liason between the traveller and the airline where complex medical conditions need to be considered.  So, what happens to your body on an airplane?  Click here to find out more:

Commercial Space Flight Participants

Ever dreamed of travelling to space?  Ever wondered what it is like to float in microgravity, see the blackness of space above the curving torquoise blue of Earth's horizon?  Just an impossible dream in the realm of science fiction?  Think again.  Commercial space flight for fare-paying passengers is here. It is only a matter of time before suborbital flights become common-place and the cost will come down.  Many non-astronauts from all around the world will have the experience of a life-time - seeing the planet from above 300,000 feet.


What are the physical and physiological challenges of these adventures? Would you be fit to fly?  Would your medical conditions stop you going? If you asked your GP, could they advise you?





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