Aeromedical Training

Safety in the aerospace environment relies upon a good understanding of its risks.  Whether it is a half day seminar or full day training course, individual lectures or a package of comprehensive training, we can offer facilitated discussions or formal lectures tailored to your needs on a range of safety-focussed human factors topics.

Problems of High Altitude

Topics include:

  • How the respiratory system works

  • Hypoxia

  • The effects of pressure change

  • Decompression sickness

  • Dealing with trapped gas problems

  • Using oxygen systems

  • Pressurisation

Sensing Orientation

Topics include:

  • Visual function in flight

  • Visual illusions

  • Night flying

  • Balance and orientation

  • Spatial disorientation in flight


High Performance Flight

Topics include:

  • The normal circulatory system

  • The physics of acceleration

  • The effects of high G flight on the body

  • Maximising G tolerance

Aircrew Health and Fitness

Topics include:

  • Common causes of temporary medical incapacity

  • Serious conditions that affect flying

  • Managing cardiovascular risk

  • Use of medications

  • Recreational substances and flying

  • Alcohol and other drug testing

  • Managing fatigue

  • Diet, exercise and fitness to fly

  • Mental health and aviation

  • The aircrew medical - what's it all about?

  • Managing aeromedical risk

Environmental Hazards

Topics include:

  • Smoke and fumes

  • Toxic hazards

  • Noise hazards

  • Radiation

  • Laser threats

  • Thermal stress

  • Ergonomic problems




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